Well, I’ve finally entered the 21st century version of the gazettes and pamphleeters. I hope to examine and comment on everything from public policy, to sports to trends in the church; all from a (hopefully) healthy perspective. The War on Terror matters to me, my family life matters to me, Clemson sports matters to me, my studies at Reformed Theological Seminary matter to me, and Bar-B-Que ribs and hard work matter to me.

I hope that at least at the end of a post you will be amused, maybe even thought-provoked.

Why choose the name Regulator for this blog? Well I am deeply interested in colonial American history. The idea that some cast-offs on the edge of the known world took it upon themselves to advance not the cause of lawlessness but of peace in the 1760’s is a fascinating story to me. That’s what I am going to try to do with this blog. In the midst of a post-modern, hypercritical world, I want to bring a little peace (sometimes with a hammer), and justice through thoughtful communication. Off we go…

First, to get the format on this thing right….