Today is of course the day of the Presidential election. What we say in early November was just the popular preference poll. Electors will meet in the 50 state capitals and the District of Columbia to vote for President and Vice President.

Meanwhile in Columbis, Ohio, it appears that there are some challenges still to the results of the popular vote. But the electors have already voted, so, um, whoops! Those votes stand, the popular vote remains nothing more than a preference poll.

As an aside, I love the electoral college. Our whole system of elected federal government relies on it, not just the outcome of the Presidential election. To ask for a vote for President of the Federal government purely by a direct popular vote hurts the interests of the states and the citizens of the states. It keeps the Presidential candidates from taking extreme positions and forces them to appeal to many different regional interests.

As bad as the two particular parties we have can be at times, they are preferred to a gaggle of small, regional parties that would force us to form coalition governments. Dr. George Grant has an excellent essay/ book on the electoral college, The Importance of the Electoral College. The electoral college was a brilliant invention that has kept the US out of many political problems, may it continue for many more.