U. of Southern California philosophy professor Dallas Willard has an article entitled ‘Jesus the Logician’, where he argues that an overlooked point of the earthly ministry of Jesus was Jesus as a great thinker. Willard says, “Once one knows what to look for in the Gospels, however, one will easily see the thorough, careful and creative employment of logic throughout his teaching activity. Indeed, this employment must be identified and appreciated if what he is saying is to be understood. Only then can his intellectual brilliance be appreciated and he be respected as he deserves.”

It is interesting to me at least to perceive of Jesus as a thinker, since culturally I never think that way of the Lord. I am immediately reminded of the answer during the 2000 Presidential campaign where Governor Bush was asked who his favorite philosopher was. He answered “Jesus, because he changed my heart.” Easily dismissed, he was, by the inteligencia at the time.

Evangelical Outpost is calling for all ‘faith bloggers’ to examine gospel writing in an open source project that would examine all of the gospels, and deconstruct the ‘logic’ in the discourses of Jesus, as a way of creating a comprehensive database.

All are invited to participate, but it must be by Feruary 1. Just submit entries to Evangelical Outpost and have four criteria present:

  • A uniform post heading similar to this form: The ‘Jesus the Logician’ Project: Matthew 12:1-8
  • Chapter and verse of the scripture being analyzed.
  • The type of logical argument or form that Jesus uses in the passage (i.e., enthymeme).
  • An brief explanation for how the passage fits the logical form.
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