Been out of commission the last few days, especially as far as technology – of even the 20th century variety goes.

Friday my trusty blogging notebook went out of commission. I think this machine knows it is being sent to the ‘mothball’ fleet to join NCC-1701 and the Battlestar Gallatica after March when I get a new model. But I would prefer it not fail due to a worn out AC adapter. A simple fix indeed. But fill of moments of concern that those Christmas photos would be lost since I had not backed them up to a CD yet.

Sunday, the trusty Chevy Malibu started on a cold Charlotte morning, but quit soon afterwards. The fix? A new fuel filter. I had the oil changed Thursday at the AAA Auto-Center and I was told I needed a new fuel filter.

After hearing for years from all sorts of car repair places about the dire need to replace NOW some minor part, that probably had 15,000 more miles left on it, I passed on the $15 part. Just goes to show I should trust AAA, rather than all of those other fly-by-night oil change pirates – that are franchises in the loosest use of the word. This week will be busy, but I will be blogging from the Presidential inauguration later this week. In the meantime look forward to the following in upcoming episodes:

  • Work – its theological and practical meaning – a seven part series (for each day of the week, nifty huh?)
  • The Knight Foundation and college sports reform
  • Downtown Greenville, SC – a photographic and historical tour of how a mid-sized Southern city is working to create an up-to date city core that honors its history
  • A weekly social and bioethics investigation
  • And of course comments on relevant weekly news as events warrant