I have been trying to think of something witty and profound to say about the kerfuful over the violent reaction in parts of the Muslim world to the Danish cartoons depicting the Muslim world as violent, and I may, but greater things are afoot, especially to those of my ilk who are of the ‘Reformed’ wing of Christianity. The blogger Ochuk has alerted us all to these offensive ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ cartoons and their depictions of the great reformer John Calvin as a selfish, six-year old boy. Apparently, according to Ochuk, protests are taking place all over, and I personally suppose that if proper measures are not taken, the offenders will be punished by an endless series of presbytery meetings where the topic will rehashed over and over: narthex or entry lobby, is it emergent or ‘TR’?

An excerpt from Ochuk’s report of these vile cartoons:

“Reformed traditions ban depictions John Calvin and other famous protestant saints such as John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, and generally anyone named John—a popular name among Reformed believers like that of Mohammed among Muslim.

This is the latest protest about the controversial cartoons which first appeared more than 20 years ago that reprinted in a number American newspapers and books. A spokesperson for the OPC said that the Reformed community was unaware of the comics strips, because they forbid any contact with the secular media calling it “worldly? and the “musings of the goats.?

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And finally, I am not much of a computer gamer. Sometimes I will pull out my edition Tiger Woods Golf or NHL Hockey to blow off some steam at the end of the every odd day or so, but that is about it. But this little gem of gaming software has gotten my attention. It is called the ‘Mega-Church’ game for your PC.

The game has these features:

  • Pastor a simulated church that and create your own Christian empire.
  • Build a church from the ground up, customize your staff, control budgets and more.
  • Hire and fire staff and deal with idiots, naive volunteers, and denominational egos.
  • Attract fickle unchurched people with Bingo, revival meetings or fasting–it is all up to you!
  • Select congregants from a pre-loaded community library.

Sounds totally awesome, I’ll check it out.